Bulgarian Embassy in Belgrade Receives Bomb Threat

November 26, 2012, Monday // 03:23
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Embassy in Belgrade Receives Bomb Threat
Police are currently investigating the case. Photo by alo.rs

Bulgaria's embassy in Serbia's capital Belgrade received a bomb threat early on Sunday, according to media reports.

A man who identified himself as Boban Zdravkovic called the Bulgarian consul in Belgrade, threatening to throw a bomb at the embassy due to Bulgaria's recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, Darik radio reports, citing Serbian media.

Zdravkovic also threatened the embassies of Albania, Macedonia and the US.

Serbian police forces have launched an investigation into the case, stepping up security measures near diplomatic missions in Belgrade.

It is yet to be determined whether the man who placed the calls is a mentally unstable person or a potential terrorist.

Bulgaria recognized Kosovo several weeks after it declared indepedence in February 2008.

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