Fire Closes Downtown Sofia Underpass

November 26, 2012, Monday // 01:00
Fire Closes Downtown Sofia Underpass: Fire Closes Downtown Sofia Underpass
Four fire trucks battled overnight a fire in the underpass of the National Palace of Culture in the Bulgarian capital. File photo

The pedestrian tunnel of the National Palace of Culture, NDK, in downtown Sofia is closed Monday because of a fire that erupted there in the wee hours.

The most likely cause is the explosion of a gas container inside one of the establishments located in the underpass, which was closed at the time.

One man has been injured and is listed in the Sofia emergency "Pirogov" hospital with 24% burns, but his life is not in danger. He is quoted saying he heard a loud noise right before the fire erupted.

People who were at the location at the time of the blast were evacuated. The services on the number 6 tram line have been interrupted.

Four fire trucks were sent to NDK a little after 3 am and were able to extinguish the fire in less than half an hour.

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