Sofia Crash Injures 2 Policemen, Traffic at Standstill

November 23, 2012, Friday // 01:32
Downtown Sofia Crash Injures 2 Policemen, Traffic at Standstill: Sofia Crash Injures 2 Policemen, Traffic at Standstill
A crash between a tram and a SUV in Sofia caused huge traffic jams Friday morning. Photo by Bulfoto

A very serious traffic accident between a tram and two cars occurred Friday morning at the intersection of the main boulevards "Bulgaria" and "Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi" in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

The crash happened around 10 am, near the National Palace of Culture, NDK.

The tram servicing the number 6 line ran a red light, according to the Interior Ministry, hit a Subaru SUV, which spun around and crashed into a police patrol car. Both automobiles suffered serious damage, while the tram has derailed.

The tram driver and 2 policemen were sent to the hospital with non-live-threatening injuries.

However, the Center for City Mobility and eyewitnesses, including passengers in the tram, say the crash was caused by the SUV running a red light.

The service on the 6 line has been suspended over the probe. Traffic lights near the site of the accident are not functioning and huge traffic jams are reported.

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