Bulgaria to Press for More EU Funds in Budget Bargaining

November 22, 2012, Thursday // 03:12
Bulgaria: Bulgaria to Press for More EU Funds in Budget Bargaining

As EU member states and institution are coming at loggerheads over the 2014-20 EU budget framework, Bulgaria is expected to ask for more EU funds at its disposal for the period.

EU leaders are meeting in Brussels Thursday for what is bound to be a very difficult European Council.

Large net EU donors like Germany and eurosceptic countries like the UK are asking for a decrease of the EU's 7 year budget framework.

The European Commission, European Parliament and member states like Bulgaria have on the other hand argued for a budget increase.

They have asked for keeping the EC's initial EUR 1.033 T framework that some member states want to see significantly reduced.

Bulgaria in particular will argue for an increase of cohesion funds and agricultural subsidies.

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has already stated that he will request about EUR 0.6 B more for cohesion.

If EU leaders do not manage to agree on a 7 year budget framework, the EU's budgets will have to be negotiated year for year.

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