Bulgarian NGO Rises Against Sexist Liquor Ads

November 19, 2012, Monday // 03:02
Bulgaria: Bulgarian NGO Rises Against Sexist Liquor Ads
Mastika Peshtera's graphic commercials have resulted in complaints. File photo

A human rights NGO, the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, has filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the sexist advertising of a local alcoholic beverage.

The complaint is against Bulgarian drinks producer Vinprom Peshtera that has been advertising its product Mastika Peshtera using commercials deemed sexist by consumers.

Mastika is a local strong anise-flavoured drink.

As the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee has noted in its press release, Mastika Peshtera's commercials have explicitly compared the female body (as an object of sexual desire) to watermelons (fruits traditionally associated with the consumption of mastika in Bulgaria).

The Bulgarian court system has failed to defend the rights of three women that have filed complaints against the commercials, the NGO has pointed out.

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