Bulgarian Hip Hop Duo Releases Single with Star US Rappers

November 17, 2012, Saturday // 03:01
Bulgarian Hip Hop Duo Releases Single with Star US Rappers: Bulgarian Hip Hop Duo Releases Single with Star US Rappers
The cover of Miss You. Photo by Select Music Media

Popular Bulgarian hip-hop duo Rumanetsa & Enchev (The Romanian and Enchev) have joined efforts with three international stars in their latest project Miss You.

The pop mix version of the song, produced in collaboration with emblematic rappers Coolio and Goast and one of the most popular solo performers of the 90s of the 20th century, Haddaway, can be listened to on a number of Bulgarian radio stations since the end of October.

Last summer, the duo, known abroad as R&E created another popular single with the special participation of Turbo B from the legendary SNAP!.

Enchev says the recordings of Miss You have taken close to two years in search of the best sounding in the US, Romania and Bulgaria. The idea to have a joint piece with Haddway has been born in 2009, when R&E's recording company Select Music Media organized in Bulgaria several Haddway concerts.

The professional relations between Rumanetsa and Enchev and Haddway later turned into a lasting friendship, leading to the performing a cappella on stage and a proposal from him for a joint beatbox-based project.

According to Enchev, the first demo, recorded only a cappella in 2010, had an impressive sound effect and the studio mix made it impossible to detect the sound was just voice.

In 2011, when they were recording with Haddway in Romania, Coolio and Goast happened to be in the same studio and voiced desire to be part of what they saw as a hit.

The video, shot with Haddway in Las Vegas, Dubai, Bucharest and Sofia, is going to be released soon, R&E inform.

The music and the beat of Miss You are the work of The Romanian and Enchev, Haddaway and N.A.S.O., and the text was written by R&E, Coolio, Goast and Haddaway.

Hip-hop and rap duo Rumanetsa and Enchev was created in the notheatern Bulgarian city of Dobrich in 1996 by Adrian Rachev AKA Rumanetsa (The Romanian) and Georgi Enchev.

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