Everybody Loves Rosen! ('Cause of Markovska)

November 16, 2012, Friday // 06:38 ; Ivan Dikov
Bulgaria: Everybody Loves Rosen! ('Cause of Markovska)

Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev has resorted to a dubious theatrical move by leaving the Constitutional Court inauguration to prevent a far more dubious judge, Veneta Markovska, from taking office.

Not unlike Raymond, whom everybody loves in that sitcom, and who doesn't take a stand when facing serious family problems but resorts to tactical-theatrical-flank-rear-guard manoeuvres.

Not just because he's got no clear-cut solutions but mostly 'cause he's afraid of enraging his mother Marie, named Boyko in the Bulgarian script.

The scene that Rosen-Raymond performed made him "dignified", "wise", "brilliant". At least according to his co-stars in the Balkan sitcom about Bulgaria's GERB government – the mother-prime, wife-vice-president, brother-deputy-PM, neighbor-justice-minister, and even father-bitching-socialist-opposition.

This leaves no doubt they'd all read the script and learned their lines by heart – after beating about the bush before the entire EU-neighborhood about the Sofia family's happiness.

The problem is that the executive, legislature, and judiciary in a true EU country are expected to take drastic measures to bolster the rule of law instead of staging Balkan-style sittragicoms.

Without such measures, in Bulgaria we'll keep watching the "Everybody Loves Rosen" sitcom, and, unlike the original, this one ain't even funny.


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