Israel Launches Air Stirkes over Gaza, Mobilizes Reserve

November 15, 2012, Thursday // 09:15

Israeli jets have carried out a string of air strikes on at least 20 sites in the Gaza strip Thursday night.

Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak is reported to have sent letters of mobilization to 30,000 persons from Israel's military reserve Thursday.

Heavy armed technique is being moved towards the border with Gaza, in what some believe are preparations for a land incursion.

Wednesday Israel opened massive rocket fire on the Gaza strip, causing widespread destruction and the deaths of at least 15 Palestinians.

Hamas has retaliated, sending rockets onto Israeli territory, and killing at least 3.

"We are in a process of expanding the campaign," informed Israeli Gen Yoav Morechai.

Meanwhile, Egypt has strongly objected to the Israeli operation, with PM Hesham Qandil set to visit Gaza.

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