??I Just Want to Have a Baby in Bulgaria

November 9, 2012, Friday // 12:32 ; Donka Dragova
Bulgaria: ??I Just Want to Have a Baby in Bulgaria

Bulgarian mothers have protested again because of the government's neglect of them and their kids, saying they "want children, not concrete".

Bulgarian syndicates have been insisting that the government allowances for mothers go up. The Cabinet said that was impossible but promised to start building more kindergartens so the mothers could go back to work earlier.

Isn't that another example of the Bulgarian government's insolent treatment of the citizens?

How are we supposed to resolve Bulgaria's demographic crisis when for years we haven't been helping the mothers who give birth to and raise the nation's children?

How are we going to change the fact that Bulgaria tops the world abortion charts when Bulgarian mothers' allowances are BGN 1 below the poverty line?

Nobody has the right to (indirectly) tell a mother: "Get back to work! There's no money for your child – there are highways to be built and votes to be bought".

Readers have recently blamed me for supporting the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party because of my criticism for the GERB Cabinet. I assure you I don't bear the Socialist idea in my heart. But deep down in my soul I bear the strong desire to become a mother some day...


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