Bulgaria Appoints New Rhythmic Gymnastics Head Coach

November 11, 2012, Sunday // 01:48
Bulgaria: Bulgaria Appoints New Rhythmic Gymnastics Head Coach
Bulgaria's gymnasts at the 2+3 event during the World Cup in Kiev in March. Photo by EPA/BGNES

Ina Ananieva has been appointed as Bulgaria's new rhythmic gymnastics coach.

The only other candidate for the post was Borislava Ananieva, local media inform.

Former coach Iliyana Raeva, who unexpectedly submitted her resignation in September, is expected to run for president of the country's rhythmic gymnastics federation.

Raeva resigned one month after the final day of 2012 Olympic Games.

Her girls, who headed for London to grab gold medals, ranked at the disappointing sixth spot in the Olympic finals, saying the pressure was huge and they just could not cope with it.

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