Watson: Rightists Shouldn't Accept Berlusconi, Basescu, Borisov

November 10, 2012, Saturday // 04:00
Bulgaria: Watson: Rightists Shouldn't Accept Berlusconi, Basescu, Borisov
ELDR president Graham Watson. Photo by ELDR.eu

Leaders such as Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov make the European People's Party weaker, argued European Liberals president Graham Watson.

Watson said this at the ongoing congress of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform party in Dublin.

The liberal leader argued for stronger liberal parties, more green jobs and more emphasis on the European liberal tradition.

According to Watson, the rival rightist but largely conservative EPP, one of the two largest in the EU, is suffering difficulties.

"There are some on the centre right of politics who are ill at ease with the EPP's embrace of Berlusconi and Basescu and Borissov," said Watson, suggesting they might find a better home in ELDR.

At the congress, Bulgaria was represented by a 6-member delegation from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, led by MEP Filiz Hyusmenova.

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