Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation at St. Lazar Hospital in Sofia

October 15, 2012, Monday // 02:21
Bulgaria: Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation at St. Lazar Hospital in Sofia
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An understanding of what is beautiful and a quest for perfection are directing more and more women to laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation has been popular in the USA and the UK for a long time, and is now available in Bulgaria as well.

Child births, injuries, or hereditary weakness of the vulvovaginal tissue can damage the anatomy and physiological condition of female genitalia. In cases like this, the main functions of the vagina can be affected leading to reduced sexual sensation, problems urinating, loosening of the vaginal walls, and compromised appearance of the genitalia.

In the past, vaginal rejuvenation, or vaginoplasty, was applied in cases of vaginal prolapse, problems urinating, or old injuries of the vaginal or the perineum. Today it is also performed for cosmetic purposes.

The wide application of laser technologies provides opportunities for surgical treatment in one day. In this case, the surgery is almost bloodless, the incisions are more precise, and the recovery of the tissue is faster.

Laser vaginoplasty provides an opportunity for the reconstruction of the vaginal anatomy to its pre-natal condition. It restores muscle tonus and control of the vagina, and reduces its interior and exterior diameter.

As a result, women who have undergone a laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure feel more confident and secure, their sexual satisfaction is improved, and their problems with frequent urination are resolved.

Sometimes, this surgery is applied to women who have not given birth but would like to reduce or change the size of their labia for aesthetic purposes, which helps them cope with respective complexes.

As menopause progresses, and estrogen levels go down, the female genitalia undergo a number of changes that can lead to vaginal wall prolapse or urinary incontinence. These problems can also be deal with vaginal rejuvenation with new technologies such as "Sling" and "Mesh" that strengthen the vaginal walls, and remove prolapses, and urinary incontinence.

It is no longer sufficient to look good on the outside only. The type and scope of the surgery are determined individually after a thorough examination, and taking into account the patient's wishes.

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