New Book Reveals Massacre in N Serbia, Bulgarian Murdered Too

August 27, 2012, Monday // 07:58

Dear Sirs,

In April 1941, northern Serbia was occupied by the Hungarian forces led by Hungarian regent Miklos Horthy. That avid anti-Semite managed to evade human justice following the World War II and his crimes have remained unaccounted for in world history.

For that reason the Holocaust Memorial Society decided to stand in the gap and publish a book entitled "Genocide Revealed: New Light on the Massacre of Serbs and Jews Under Hungarian Occupation". A baker, Bulgarian, resident of Novi Sad, was murdered brutally on January 23, 1942. His fate is mentioned in the book.

We believe that this well documented book supported by numerous testimonies and documents preserved in database of the Holocaust Memorial Society represents a valuable insight into almost unknown massacres which took place in January 1942 in northern Serbia.

Best regards,

Aleksandar Veljic, president

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