Motoring Crimes Thrive in Bulgaria

July 22, 2012, Sunday // 10:19

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am English and live in Varna with my Bulgarian lady, we are both pensioners. I am sure that the head of state does not realize the huge problem we have in Varna regarding motoring crimes, it is terrible.

Motor cyclists have no silencers and they rev their bikes to the full waking people from their sleep all through the night. I can see motorists going the wrong way on one-way streets 30 to 40 times a day. I tell some of them and they say something in Bulgarian or swear as if they have the right to break the law.

Parking the cars on the pedestrian pavement so the mothers and their pushchairs carrying the babies have to walk on the road where the motorists do not slow down or stop to let them cross the road, on pedestrian crossings, is even worse and bloody dangerous!

Why the police do not have radar traps and cameras in the city? The collected fines would allow the council to repair the pavements the motorists destroy.

I love Bulgaria but the people do not seem to care, they are a law to themselves.

Many thanks,

David Breddy

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