British Remedy for Bulgaria's Eurovision Woes

May 31, 2012, Thursday // 12:24

I congratulate Milena Hristova on an excellent article about Bulgaria at Eurovision. It made me laugh when she commented 'Maybe we should hire a couple of Swedes to write a song for us.'

Well, here is a British singer/songwriter, who lives in Bulgaria offering you a Eurovision formula song 'Vsekiden' - it's a winner and it's fun. It's about new democracy, freedom, population and youth flight but above all, patriotism and pride.

Link below to YouTube, do let me know if you like it?

I have a new album out and it includes 'Sofia City of Love' and Baba Marta feat Valdy Totev i Dimmi Dimmitrova.  It has been featured on BTV, BNT, Channel 7, BGNES and more already. The album cover is from Buzludza, former BG Communist HQ at Shipka.

Jonathan Taylor


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