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Turtle ships called `Geobukseon` are being floated down Cheonggye stream as part of the Geobukseon Festival in Seoul, South Korea, April 26, 2016.

A car passes snow-covered trees near Hofsgrund, Germany, 27 April 2016. Parts of Germany have been hit by heavy snowfall.

photo made available on 27 April 2016 shows great egrets and Eurasian spoonbills near Pusztaszer, some 140 kms southeast of Budapest, Hungary, 25 April 2016.

An electric-powered Opel Ampera is charged at a EnviaM charging station in Halle, Germany, 27 April 2016. Buyers of electric cars are to receive a subsidy of up to 4,000 euros in May, German media report.

Serbian singer Sanja Vucic performs during a promotional event in Belgrade, Serbia, 27 April 2016. Vucic will represent Serbia at the 61st annual Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) that consists of two semi-finals, to be held on 10 and 12 May.

A worker cuts asparagus in a field covered by polytunnels near Dormagen, Germany, April 26, 2016. Seasonal workers, mostly from eastern Europe, havest the asparagus giving a 82,000-ton annual yield.

A young girl plays with cement powder as her parents work at a construction site on a pathway in Bangkok, Thailand, April 26, 2016.


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» Yes - 34.7 %

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Bulgarian Motorbike Riders Rally to Demand Seasonal Insurance Policies

1 of 8 | April 13, 2016, Wednesday // 21:32 BGNES


Motorbike riders from around Bulgaria gathered in front of Parliament building in Sofia on 13 April 2016 to demand payment for third-party liability insurance policies pegged to the number of months the vehicles are on the roads.

The motorbike riders say they should be entitled to paying just a portion of the mandatory full-year insurance policies against third-party liability as ...

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