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Supporters of the Socialist Party protest in front of the Government HQ building in Chisinau, Moldova, 10 February 2016.The Socialists demand early parliamentary elections.

Anti-riot police block the entrance to the Government building during a protest of Socialist Party supporters in Chisinau, Moldova, 10 February 2016.

A man walks in front of an office of the Intercommerz bank in Moscow, Russia, 08 February 2016. The Central Bank of Russia has withdrawn Intercommerz's license to conduct banking operations on 8 February.

A lorry lies overturned off the road when gale force winds hit Brighton, Britain, 08 January 2016. Storm `Imogen` tore along Britain`s south coast on 08 January 2016.

An Aegean cat is presented during a cat festival in Athens, Greece, February 07, 2016.

A farmer empties a milk canister as part of a protest against the government`s planned pension reforms in the city of Korinthos, some 80 km west of Athens, Greece, February 04, 2016.

Greek farmers park their tractors to block a road in front of the White Tower, during a protest in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, February 05, 2016.


How long will the Greek farmers' blockade of the borders last?

» Several weeks, ushering in a political crisis - 41.9 %

» At least a week more - 22.6 %

» It will be over by next week - 19.4 %

» It is hard to predict - 16.1 %

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