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Commenting article: Bulgarian PM Banned from Watching TV over Hypertension

Doctors have banned Bulgaria's outgoing Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, from watching TV in the next 24 hours to prevent him from worrying too much.

The information was reported by the PIK news agency, citing their insider source from the government hospital where Borisov has been listed Monday afternoon with hypertension.

Doctors further told PIK his condition was stable, but he needed full rest to recover. He can also have visitors, however, they are allowed to see him only upon his permission.

Hairydave - 26 Feb 2013 // 23:48:13

..and this is so much BS. It's alright Boyko - my heart bleeds...or was that yours?

Philippe - 27 Feb 2013 // 00:05:07

Time to expose the Buddha Boiko - Marlon Brando. He should withdraw for a couple of days and continue the scenario: to read from T. S. Eliot's poem "The Hollow Men"

My dear Bulgarians, be ready for...The Horror...