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Commenting article: Foreigners to Lose Legal Aid in Court Battles over Benefits as Cameron Orders End to 'Soft Touch' Britain

Daily Mail

By Matt Chorley, Mailonline Political Editor

Immigrants are to be banned from receiving legal aid to launch court battles against the government in order to claim benefits.

peterperfect - 27 Feb 2013 // 10:40:50

Cameron's "get tough" approach is obviously hitting the right sector of British society in that he has ordered that civil servants warnings should be ignored. Britain's "civil service" has long been her "disservice" in that it seems to exist only to protect its own interests and goes to great lengths to discourage initiative in favour of the status quo. This organisation, paid of course by the British taxpayer, has been shown up so many times to be unfit for service. About time someone shook them up and dragged them into the 21st century.