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Commenting article: New Wave of Protest Rallies Looms in Bulgaria

Despite the resignation of the Bulgarian government, protest rallies are scheduled again across the country.

The demonstrators, who shouted for days "Borisov Out," and "Resignation," say the move will not do anything to fulfill their other demands to tame the skyrocketing utility bills, and beyond that – immediate summon of a Great General Assembly, new Constitution, a majority vote, and 50% civil participation in the regulators.

They even invited Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, to join them at the rally that should be taking place Sunday.

MysteryHP - 21 Feb 2013 // 08:46:31

call 112 ? it is exactly the police the escalate tensions and beat people. Why the heck would anyone call them to come to the protest. Nonesense. They are out of control, even Minister of interior has no control of the Buglarian Militia.