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Commenting article: The Bulgarian Winter: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


by Mariya Ivancheva

On Wednesday, 20th of February 2013, the Bulgarian government headed by Boyko Borissov has deposited its resignation. What happened? What comes next?

Sveto - 21 Feb 2013 // 04:39:13

Mariya Ivancheva - yet another commie who would shy not in vividly describing and adapting the facts to her liking. In so many words she missed to openly proclaim her true ideas and only under a superficial mask tried to convey her subtile calling. One story can have at least a dozen interpretations depending on who is the one telling it. Watch out for the conclusions you draw from such a biased article. The communist propaganda has many faces and that is why it affects so strongly the general masses.

Chushki - 21 Feb 2013 // 09:54:33

What a bunch of Commie crap written by this witch Ivancheva. Novinite must have been promised something good by their Socialist friends to print such rubbish.