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Commenting article: Bulgaria's Ousted FinMin's Father: My Son Had to Go

The estranged father of ousted Bulgarian Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, firmly supports his son's resignation, saying it was well-deserved.

Dencho Djankov informed he learned the news while waiting for a bus at the central bus station in the northeastern city of Razgrad.

"He is my child, and I love him deeply. He is smart and gifted, but his policies led to poverty and misery, so, it is best for everyone if he leaves," Djankov Senior is quoted saying by the Bulgarian Pressa (Press) daily.

Sveto - 19 Feb 2013 // 19:08:43

God, thank you, thank you for not punishing me with such a garbage parent. I do not blame Dijankov for not seeking a contact with such a low life! That dude was not able to sustain a clear line of thought since in just a few sentences he contradicted himself vehemently.
Wow it is not funny, but rather scary and sad. One realizes how blessed one is for having good and loving parents.
As for Djiankov, that chapter has not been closed yet. Many years of poverty for the Bulgarians are to pass before they can appreciate the efforts of this minister.