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Commenting article: Bulgaria Registered Anemic Growth in 4th Quarter

Bulgaria's economy expanded by a mere 0.1% in the fourth quarter in comparison with the previous one, preliminary figures show.

Gross domestic product rose 0.5% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, the Sofia-based Statistics Institute said in a preliminary estimate.

The figures come on the heels of local analysts' warning that Bulgaria's economy will be struggling to survive another difficult year after stagnating for three successive years.

Chushki - 15 Feb 2013 // 09:04:19

A Bulgarian expansion of +0.1% looks very good when compared to Germany -0.6%, France -0.3% and Italy -0.9% for the same period. But of course not reporting these facts helps Novinite in spreading their message of hate as they campaign to re-elect the Commies (who lets not forget are the same faces who caused the mega inflation and bankruptcy in the 90's and caused the EU to freeze funding because of rampant corruption in 2008)