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Commenting article: Why Bulgaria? Why Now?

from CNN

by Matthew Levitt

The announcement by Bulgaria that the airport bus bombing there last July was likely the handiwork of Hezbollah operatives now has European officials scrambling to decide what, if anything, to do about the fact that the group has now resumed executing attacks on European soil.

KK1988 - 13 Feb 2013 // 18:20:28

somewhere near the beginning of this i stopped reading. you see, for a journalist to not know the difference between two organizations who share a similiar name makes me think he has nothing smart to say. Khobar bombing were done by Hizbollah al-Hijaz. a different organization altogether. so yeah, I guess CNN should look into that. and I guess you, yes you, the people who have posted this on, i guess you should have known too, since your journalists I would like to think you know what you write about? or if you copy some article, at least to know what it talks about? unless ofcourse you have your own agenda. kuz u knw, your boss is a jew and all. nothing wrong with being a jew, but please, stop the zionist propaganda no Bulgarian website has talked about this issue as much as this one.

Jerry - 14 Feb 2013 // 00:50:44


You have to judge the result of the Terrorist Act on the land of Bulgaria.

The "Boss" is Bulgaria not a Jew, Gypsy or Arab.

We Bulgarians are Jewish, Gypsy and Arab and not run by "journalism" but the pride of Bulgaria.