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Commenting article: Bulgaria Denies Recall of Iran Ambassador, Cites End of Term

Bulgaria's foreign ministry has denied media reports that Iran is slated to recall its ambassador to the country after it placed responsibility for Burgas attack on Hezbollah.

"That's not true. The term of Iran's ambassador to Sofia expires at the end of this week. A new envoy, who was appointed months ago, will arrive in Bulgaria on the next day," Foreign Ministry spokesman Vessela Cherneva told TV channel Evropa on Sunday.

She explained that if a country decides to recall its ambassador to Bulgaria, it is obliged to inform officially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Al - 10 Feb 2013 // 16:20:43

The Israeli propaganda machine is obstructing the investigation and solution of the Bourgas case. STFU!

Iran will assist Bulgaria in solving this case.

It was an operational mistake.

No doubt in my mind.