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Commenting article: Bulgaria to Receive EUR 15 B in EU Funding 2014-2020

Bulgaria is one of the only four EU member states that will receive a bigger net sum from the EU budget in the 2014-2020 period compared to the current programming period.

The Balkan country will receive a total of EUR 15 B in that period, it was made clear on Friday. Some EUR 7 B will be allocated to the country under the Cohesion Fund.

The Cohesion Fund provides assistance for projects in the spheres of trans-European networks, transport infrastructure, and environmental protection.

sa-sha - 8 Feb 2013 // 22:27:02

«Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes!» (~ Beware of "greeks" bearing gifts).....

sa-sha - 8 Feb 2013 // 23:10:53

...and there is another article here, people, the article about modern BG (and Novinite)' "guru" Mr.B*har (main shareholder?). Do read it:
I wrote my opinion: "The most impressive extract: "Max*m Beh*r is the CEO of the leading PR agency in Bulgaria, M3 Com*unications Group, Inc., a Hill+Knowlton Strategies affiliate."---My utmost sincere condolences."
Yeah, I posted my opinion. But-alas-my humble text was 4 times "X"
by my dear Novinite. "Guru" may feel himself offended. Democracy, I

Philippe - 9 Feb 2013 // 03:03:44

"The country's net gains in the 2014-2020 period will be EUR 12 B"

On the condition that BG finaly manages to tackle the corruption... several billions have been lost during the past 6 years.

Philippe - 9 Feb 2013 // 03:10:59

Sa-Sha, I agee, Mr. MB has an enormous problem with his ego. The term "Narcism" comes short for his practices. Let's ceate a new one, linked to his page on Wikipedia: "Maximism"

sa-sha - 9 Feb 2013 // 11:27:14

"Maximism" is nice, Philippe ;-) And "Mr.MB" is nice also since my hint was that- imho- "MB" himself is the enormous problem.
So, I would add to "Maximism" two abbreviations:

"MB" (Maximism-Beh*rism, Mania Be*ariosa, Mimosa Be*arica) and
"AD" ( Agnus Dei, Advocatus Diaboli or simply Agent Dimo "2-3-6")...

Ivanko - 9 Feb 2013 // 11:35:11

Especially for Phillippe I compared the finds Belgium gets.

Over 200 billion!!!

Bulgaria gets not even 10% of that!!

And countries like the UK probably get a lot more....

Philippe - 9 Feb 2013 // 17:30:06

Ivanko - Dirk - is a bit Rakya confused.