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Commenting article: Hezbollah at Europe's Doorstep

from EUobserver

by Daniel S. Mariaschin

What further evidence does the European Union need to declare Hezbollah an international terrorist group?The latest proof comes from Bulgaria.

Thenonymous - 7 Feb 2013 // 20:30:37

I'm all for labelling terrorists, people who don't mind murdering a few thousand innocents to achieve their political ends. But the problem is how to do it without also labelling the CIA, MI5, KGB, MOSSAD etc. the same.

Nearly every country in the world has a history of killing people for some perceived political gain. Where exactly do you draw the distinction, without being prejudicial?

Any government that funds or condones the action of its own particular 'Civil/Military Intelligence organisation' is just as guilty as the rest and should not be calling for the inclusion of it's own 'enemies' on a terrorist blacklist. A perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.