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Commenting article: PES Leader Slams EPP's Daul over Hezbollah Remark

Sergey Stanishev, leader of the Part of European Socialists, has reacted strongly to EPP group leader Joseph Daul's statement that he sided with Hezbollah in in the aftermath of the Bulgarian Burgas bombing probe.

"It was with great dismay I found out today that the leader of the PES, Mr Stanishev, has taken the side of Hezbollah in the debate following the disclosures of yesterday," Daul said on Wednesday. He spoke in connection with Stanishev criticizing the Bulgarian government's implication of Hezbollah in the Burgas bus bombing as "poorly founded and imperiling national security."

"For Mr. Daul to twist this into the statement that he did is a despicable act, for which I demand he apologise, fully and immediately," Stanishev declared in a statement on Thursday.

Philippe - 7 Feb 2013 // 14:36:09

For once, Mr. Stanishev is right. And Mr. Daul should be embarrassed to have BB amongst his troups...