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Commenting article: FT Reporter Apologizes for Tweeting 'Israel Bribed Bulgaria'

Borzou Daragahi, a Financial Times reporter who claimed that Israel bribed Bulgaria into blaming Hezbollah for last year's terror attack in Burgas, has apologized.

"I don't doubt Hezbollah/Iran could be behind Bulgaria bombing, but also think Israel could pay Sofia to say anything," Daraghi, who is the Middle East and North Africa correspondent for the Financial Times of London, tweeted on Tuesday.

"Sincere apologies and regret for ill-conceived tweet yesterday about Israel and Bulgaria," he wrote Wednesday on Twitter.

Yane - 8 Feb 2013 // 21:06:59

Fire him!

sa-sha - 8 Feb 2013 // 21:25:43, no, Yane, let's thank him. He's "honest'...