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Commenting article: Pope Benedict XVI to Visit Bulgaria in 2014

Pope Benedict XVI is going to visit Bulgaria next year on the invitation of the Atlantic Club.

The Pope has met Wednesday with the President of the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria and former Foreign Affairs Minister, Solomon Passy, with the Director General of the BTA news agency, Maxim Minchev, the former Minister for EU Affairs, Gergana Passy, and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology, Lachezar Tsotsorkov.

During the talks, Solomon Passy has invited His Holiness to visit Bulgaria in 2014 because they year marks the 20th anniversary of the first meeting of representatives of the Atlantic Club with Pope John Paul II.

Richie - 6 Feb 2013 // 22:12:06

Will he be picked up from the airport in a Trabant?