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Commenting article: Influx from the Southeast: German Cities Complain of High Immigration

from Spiegel

Immigration to Germany from southeastern Europe has dramatically increased in recent years and the country's municipalities are struggling to absorb the influx. Now, German cities are taking a close look at the problem and may ask for help from Berlin or even the European Union.

German cities are concerned about the increased numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians migrating to Germany in recent years. "The social balance and social peace is extremely endangered," reads an internal paper produced by the German Association of Cities, which SPIEGEL has seen.

peterperfect - 5 Feb 2013 // 14:26:18

This hilites the reasons why the UK are concerned about Jan 2014 and the same happening then to Britain. Not scaremongering (although the press/media are to blame for that) but genuine concern that the Uk gets it right, something Bulgarians and Romanians should actually be grateful for. Better than being stranded in a foreign country with no job, no food and no roof over your heads.