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Commenting article: PM: Turkish-Bulgarian Party Controls Bulgarian Media

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has rejected accusation he is exercising undue control over media as unwarranted and has pointed to the alleged influence of the liberal Movement for Rights and Freedoms.

In an interview for the Bulgarian National TV, Borisov was commenting a MRF conference speech by long-time ex leader Ahmed Dogan, who in the report accused the PM of authoritarian rule.

"I have great fun listening to those people. This report is basically an attack against me and the GERB party. Dogan is talking about media freedom, but what is cynical is that his party controls a large part of media in Bulgaria," said the PM.

tess1488 - 9 Mar 2013 // 20:58:40

God,this man lives in a vacuum.

Chushki - 10 Mar 2013 // 14:40:07

Tess, check the facts and you will see that Boyko is right - Dogan and his cronies are behind much if the Bulgarian media - just watch the reporting on BTV if you have any doubts....

Ivanko - 10 Mar 2013 // 16:03:19

Well, if that is so then they like Boyko a lot.

Because Boyko's face was every day for min 1 hour on every tv channel.