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Commenting article: Olympiad Prizes of Bulgarian Students Confiscated at Frankfurt Airport

Bulgarian students who participated in an international Olympiad in mathematics, physics, and informatics in Kazakstan have had their awards confiscated at Frankfurt Airport on suspicions of smuggling.

The students from the Sofia High School of Mathematics participated in an international Olympiad taking place in Almaty on January 13-20 and the team ranked second out of 53 teams from 13 countries, according to reports of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

The students had to return to Bulgaria earlier due to health issues and a teacher remained in Almaty to wait for the awarding ceremony.

temujin - 2 Feb 2013 // 03:06:46

Congrats ,only good news I seen here for a while. It wont change the fact tho that Bulgarians have completely lost touch with reality centuries ago.