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Commenting article: Syria Conflict Escalates into Unseen Horror - Envoy

The conflict in Syria has reached "unprecedented levels of horror", peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has told the UN Security Council.

The UN-Arab League envoy said Syria was being destroyed "bit by bit" with grave consequences for the wider region.

He was speaking hours after evidence emerged of a fresh massacre in the northern city of Aleppo.

Yane - 31 Jan 2013 // 02:11:55

That's what happens when you back terrorists against Assad...horrors..

sa-sha - 31 Jan 2013 // 14:59:03

...and two quotes:
(1)“We continue to take steps with our partners to provide both humanitarian aid and non-lethal assistance to the opposition [i.e. weapons, money, instructors/mercenaries] and to work with our partners to help bring about a post-Assad Syria that reflects the will of the Syrian people [i.e. will of the Chief Demiocracy on our poor earth]," (White House spokesman Jay Carney) ;

(2)“What’s disconcerting and disappointing is that the North Atlantic countries have not learned the lessons of Libya…those countries turned the tables on Gaddafi and lined-up with the.. terrorists to topple him. Now they’re seeking to do the same thing in Syria, which suggests they have not learnt even the most recent lessons of history,” (historian Gerald Horne).................