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Commenting article: Energy Minister: Only 800 000 Bulgarians Disagree with Govt on Belene NPP

Commenting on the results of the January 27 nuclear referendum in Bulgaria, Economy and Energy Minister Delyan Dobrev has suggested that only 800 000 Bulgarians believe that the government made a mistake by suspending the Belene NPP project.

According to preliminary results, a total of 60.55% of all Bulgarians who took part in Sunday's nationwide referendum voted in favor of the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the country.

With 97.14% of the votes counted, it emerged early on Monday that a total of 832 742 people had backed the potential construction of a new nuclear power plant, while 522 927 had voted against.

sa-sha - 28 Jan 2013 // 14:32:18

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