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Commenting article: Five Reasons to Buy in Bulgaria

by A Place in the Sun

When, in 2008, Bulgaria's boom came to a dramatic end, all the stories about Britons buying cheap beach and ski properties suddenly dried up. You won't have seen an awful lots of adverts for Bulgarian property over the past five years and it's fair to say that the market there has gone awfully quiet.

But... equally quietly, property prices have been slowly stabilising and the government has implemented regulation in the property sector to ensure higher professional standards.

Chushki - 24 Jan 2013 // 15:00:53

Novinite often post these thinly veiled real estate advertisements on here. What is not clearly stated is that property prices in BG are STILL FALLING and have been for at least 3 years, oris that 4? The residential and commercial markets in BG are swamped with an oversupply of poorly built, unmaintained, speculatively built property with limited infrastructure.