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Commenting article: Bulgarian Doctors Union Head to Sue Finance Minister over Redirected Health Insurance Contributions

Tsvetan Raychinov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Doctors Union, has vowed to file a lawsuit against Finance Minister Dimeon Djankov over misused health insurance contributions.

Speaking Monday in the northeastern city of Ruse, he argued that a sum of nearly BGN 2 B in health insurance contributions had been redirected to other needs since 2009.

Raychinov, as cited by private TV station bTV, said that he felt wronged because the Finance Minister had misappropriated his health insurance contributions and urged all Bulgarians to follow his example and sue Djankov.

Mat - 22 Jan 2013 // 11:37:20

"Do not let them rob you,:"

Deliciously ironic coming from a doctor, one of the most corrupt professions in the country...