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Commenting article: Video Leaves Nasty Taste in Mouth for Bulgaria's Reputation

by Andrew MacDowall

Financial Times

It's a spectacular video that has been watched across the world. During a party conference, a man leaps onto the stage and draws a gun at the leader's head at point-blank range; the gun misfires and the speaker manages to knock it away; the gunman is dragged across the stage and subjected to a savage beating by besuited delegates.

Al - 21 Jan 2013 // 18:56:07

Has this mr. Bechev ever been out of his office?

The only risk associated with doing business in Bulgaria as a foreigner is being tricked by a dark skinned, young broad. Not during business hours, but later. Not funny, but your own fault.


mut - 22 Jan 2013 // 10:26:12


sa-sha - 22 Jan 2013 // 11:55:40

....and about reputation-not in connection with this farciсal attack, but
with the real attacks, assasination attempts and assassinations in practically all European "beacons of Democracy": Ulof Palme, Anna Lindt, Frederick Reinfeldt (Sweden), Aldo Moro, John Paul II, Silvio-the-
Great ( ;-)-Italy), Antonio Kanovas, Luis Carrero Blanko (Spain).....
without mentioning "Chief Democracy" (both Kennedy, Martin Luter King, Jerald Ford, Reagan, Jeorge Bush...+ endless CIA "work"-more
than 20 attempts to eliminate Fidel Castro only).....................

Do not mention name "Reputation" in vain (Friendly "Commandment")

Seedy - 22 Jan 2013 // 15:18:49

".....Not only it does it seem unlikely that the Dogan incident is linked to organised crime....."

Isn't EVERYTHING that "Agent Sava" does these days linked to OC - or does he still make his money as a world-renowned and highly-paid "Hydrology Consultant"? ;)

sa-sha - 22 Jan 2013 // 15:44:31

Seedy !!!??? "agent Sava"??? Exactly!!!!!!! Vova' friend I know it for sure. My rule, my only "drink-free" day (Tuesday) is sent to Hell...