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Commenting article: Bulgaria's Ethnic Turkish Leader: National Security Failed to Protect Dogan

Bulgaria's National Security Services, NSO, are fleeing from responsibility in failing to carry out their duty to guard a political leader who is not only local but on European level.

The statement was made by Lyutvi Mestan, who was elected Chairman of Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS, one day ago, at the official emergency press conference of the party in the capital Sofia Sunday afternoon in connection with the attack on the life of Ahmed Dogan, who until Saturday was the DPS leader and is now its honorary Chairman.

At the conference, Mestan cited text from the letter which DPS have sent in advance to NSO asking them to "provide security within their competence to Ahmed Dogan for the party's Eight National Conference." He noted this was the standard phrase to use in requesting NSO presence at similar events.

Simple Truth - 20 Jan 2013 // 17:11:59

Why should it?Let the Turks wipe each other out.Let them!

sa-sha - 20 Jan 2013 // 20:47:02

Look at the photo............Lyutvi Mestan and Hristo Biserov, so much concerned both. Everything is clear with Mestan. As for Mr.Biserov,
who seems even more preoccupated than Mestan: since when do You
profess Islam, Sir?