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Commenting article: Bulgaria's Mestan: Murder for Show Is Still Murder

Staged murders are murders despite their outcome, according to Lyutvi Mestan, the new leader of Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms.

Mestan, who was elected at the post one day ago, made the statement at the official emergency press conference of the party in the capital Sofia Sunday afternoon in connection with the attack on the life of Ahmed Dogan, who until Saturday was the DPS leader and is now its honorary Chairman.

He noted the act of hooliganism committed by an individual with a handgun is a murder attempt and all other charges are simply replacement of the truth.

Rat - 20 Jan 2013 // 16:52:53

um, no........a murder is when someone dies. Try again!

Simple Truth - 20 Jan 2013 // 17:06:44