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Commenting article: Bulgarian Ethnic Turkish Party Mulls No Confidence Vote for Attack on Dogan

The leadership of Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS, will include the attack on the life of Ahmed Dogan, now DPS honorary Chairman, in the forthcoming non-confidence vote against the Cabinet.

The statement was made by the new leader of DPS, Lyutvi Mestan, at the official emergency press conference of the party in the capital Sofia Sunday afternoon.

Mestan, who was elected at the post Saturday, stressed the no confidence vote was going to be tabled ASAP, but added the party will deal with it very cautiously since no opposition party has enough Members of the Parliament to initiate the vote on its own.

Simple Truth - 20 Jan 2013 // 16:26:23

This is a proof it was a plot against the Bulgarian government all along.A fake assassination attempt with no real bullets just to put dirt on Bulgarians.Something you can expect from dirty Turks.

sa-sha - 20 Jan 2013 // 21:02:46

.....non-confidence vote against the Cabinet?! Bulgarian Ethnic Turkish Party Mulls It!? My Lord, Bulgarians, wake up. "Ethnic Turkish Party"=
"Ethnic"=ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL. And that "non-confidence vote" is to be against DPS. What on earth is not clear here?