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Commenting article: Assault on Leader Is Assault against Bulgaria's Turks - Vice-Chair

The assault against Movement of Rights and Freedoms chair Ahmed Dogan is an assault agains all the supporters of the party, stated vice-chair Lyutvi Mestan.

Mestan spoke at the Movement's national conference little after Dogan was rescued safely from a hand gun assault by a man who walked on stage as the leader was delivering his speech.

"This is not only an attempt on the life of MRF's leader - this is an attempt against all whose common will he has been representing for 23 years," stated Mestan.

Yane - 19 Jan 2013 // 15:42:51

One of their own attacked Dogan, and this FILTH has the nerve to blame Bulgaria and use the event for his separatist aims. Oh yeah, "minority rights" it's probably why a Turk shoots at another Turk? It's not like their party has split and had bickering factions? They have too much rights as it is, they won't be satisfied until they are part of Turkey, they do NOT want minority rights, they want separation.

First we have problems with Schengen, UK etc. because of the Gypsies that ruin Bulgaria's reputation.

Now we have Turks shooting at each other.

I think it's the minorities that are the PROBLEM. Instead of moaning about rights, they should look inward n fix their malfunction? Bulgaria would have been much better off today without them, so they are not helping our situation but making it worse and they point the finger at us, well F them! The last thing we should do is validate their ignorance.