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Commenting article: Bulgaria Lacks Competitiveness in Lost Decade, Capital Says

By Agnes Lovasz

Bloomberg Agency

Bulgaria needs wages and prices to fall further to increase competitiveness and help economic output return to pre-crisis levels, Capital Economics Ltd. said.

Richie - 18 Jan 2013 // 14:58:56

Bulgarian industry is indeed not price-competitive (by much more than 10%), but this should be countered by increased productivity, not by decreased salaries. Decreased salaries will demotivate workers even more than they already are; instead workers should be motivated by increased appreciation for their innovative contributions to the company.

SeoKungFu - 18 Jan 2013 // 15:52:36

Try to explain this to Mr Mafia Pumpkin and his thugs ?

dulo - 18 Jan 2013 // 19:30:45

yes i think we should all work for gum and candy.