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Commenting article: Death Toll in Algeria Hostage Crisis Climbs to 41

At least eleven militant Islamists have been killed in the desert gas field in Algeria when troops backed by helicopters attempted to free the hostages Thursday afternoon.

Algerian state media, quoted by BBC, said four hostages and several militants were killed. The militants had claimed to be holding 41 foreigners. At least four were freed but the fate of many others is unknown.

The news comes two days after dozens of foreigners and about 150 Algerian workers were taken hostage by heavily armed fighters near the In Amenas gas field.

sa-sha - 18 Jan 2013 // 12:01:40

"...30 hostages were killed, of whom the nationalities of 15 had been established. Of these, eight were Algerian and seven were foreigners, including two British, two Japanese and a French national"----The "Arab
Spring" on the March or The Сrushing Triumph of "Democracy".........