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Commenting article: Bulgaria 1st in EU by Share of Materially Deprived People

The proportion of people in the European Union that were materially deprived in 2010 was highest in Bulgaria (55.6 %).

The data was published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU.

Bulgaria is followed by Romania (49.2 %) and Latvia (46.1 %).

sa-sha - 18 Jan 2013 // 14:05:13

...scrupulous data...and interesting reaction/post of Mr.Eirik Kirkeberg (Works at Freelance Lecturer): "BG is the most corrupt country in EU...(UN Transparency Int); BG has the lowest salaries in EU. Fight corruption,punish corruption and value the ordinary BG people instead!" So honest, so fair, so righteous Preacher Eirik!!! The true servant of of USA/EU' "Democracy"...nobody will detract them from their "grand commission" - "to preach, teach and minister" (thanks, Peter ;-).......
The only question, the pious Eirik: what prevented You and US/EU "Preachers" from helping those retarded Bulgarians, who are under Your "preaching-teaching-ministering" for more than 20 years already? Or-forgive me the Lord- the REAL help to "the ordinary BG people" is OUT of The Chief Preachers' agenda? And may be
the James Warlick secret cable was not a fake, eh, Eirik?