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Commenting article: UK Migration Watch: 250 000 Bulgarian, Romanian Migrants by 2018

About 50 000 people from Romania and Bulgaria will come to the UK every year when restrictions are lifted next year, think tank Migration Watch has warned.

It predicts this level annually in the first five years after these controls end, warning of "significant consequences" for housing and jobs, BBC reported.

Migration Watch, which supports tighter immigration controls, said its study suggested its estimates could be considerably higher if there were to be a movement of Roma people to the UK or if some of the nearly one million Romanians resident in Spain and Italy moved to Britain.

sa-sha - 17 Jan 2013 // 11:41:50

......and what? ;-)....UK with(out) EU?

"He's there,
The Phantom of the" Referendum...
Beware the Phantom of the" Referendum....?

EuroBoy - 17 Jan 2013 // 12:32:50

Oh for pit sakes, we are hardly 7 million in Bulgaria, a population that is stable with less ambition for immigration. The Bulgarians who wanted to immigrate have done so already. ROMANIA is your worry, they are like what almost 30 million? With 50% of that ROMA? Seriously stop ranking Bulgaria with Romania with regards to numbers.

Honterus - 19 Jan 2013 // 23:35:12

Asta - Euroboy - e din ciclul "Du-i, Doamne, la Ploiest"i. Jalnic.

EuroBoy - 21 Jan 2013 // 13:06:26

Sorry @ Honterus - but I do not speak Gypsy!

Bucharest12 - 21 Jan 2013 // 16:02:53

Euroboy change your nickname man, you dont seem very European (as in civilized). Best regards from your northern gypsy neighbor