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Commenting article: EU Foreign Ministers to Hold Emergency Meeting on Mali

EU's Foreign Ministers are to meet in Brussels this week to discuss the crisis in Mali.

The move follows an advance by armed rebels in the African country that prompted military intervention by France.

Catherine Ashton, the EU's foreign policy chief, said in a statement that the extraordinary meeting was "to take stock of possible EU actions in support of Mali".

sa-sha - 15 Jan 2013 // 13:39:43

a war...not in support of "rebels"-as it was in Libya- but against them. Bravo, EU!!! War for Democracy, sure!? Not for Uranium, what on
earth Uranium, right?......... Meanwhile the current chaos in Mali is the result of NATO intervention in Libya, clear and predictable impact of the prepared and launched by US 'think-tanks' "Arab Spring"......Pro-Gaddafi Tuaregs and pro-rebels Al Qaeda fighters (both heavily armed... by whom, btw?) moved from Libya to....right, to Mali, just to
the lands riched with uranium deposits, so obvious bastards they are.
Democracy in Mali is in Danger! The proposed EU' Resolution: "It's time to save Democracy in Mali".................Toast.