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Commenting article: Cameron Says Bulgarian, Romanian Influx Impossible to Predict

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that it is currently impossible to predict immigration levels from Bulgaria and Romania when access restrictions are lifted in December 2013.

Cameron has thus echoed a statement made by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who said Sunday that nobody knew how many people would come from those two countries.

"I completely support what Eric Pickles has said, which is 'Don't make official predictions unless and until you've got real confidence in those figures'," he told the BBC Radio 4 Today program, as cited by The Independent.

MysteryHP - 14 Jan 2013 // 15:57:19

Hurray! Let's send all our gypsies to England. Good bye and good ridence. We finally have a way to clean them out of Bulgaria. Get the buses filled with diesel now to have them ready to send the flood of gyypsies their way. I am so happy, 2013 will be the best year ever for Bulgaria. Thank you England :)