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Commenting article: Bulgaria Marks 16 Y Since Protests Toppled Socialist Cabinet

Bulgaria marks Thursday the 16th anniversary of the first day of large scale protests that led to the toppling of the Socialist cabinet of Zhan Videnov.

The rallies flared because in two years in office, the Socialists led the country to a deep political, economic, and financial crisis, and hyperinflation.

At the time, the BGN was crashing down to reach the exchange rate of BGN 1 for USD 3 000, while basic staples, even bread and milk, disappeared from stores. Prices changed several times in the course of one day and as result of the hyperinflation, income of Bulgarians was estimated at USD 10 a month while monthly retirement stood at USD 3-5.

Chushki - 11 Jan 2013 // 11:40:19

And to think, deranged posters like Seedy are actually campaigning to get these clowns back in power!

Seedy - 12 Jan 2013 // 07:25:14

Poor Chucky - confused and bewildered as usual! Time to keep your New Year Resolutions: get a grip on reality and collect together what passes for your thought processes.

Then you can try to decide if I'm a vile Fascist or a rabid Commie - take your time though, I appreciate that thinking isn't your strong point......