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Commenting article: 3 Female Kurdish Activists Murdered in Paris

Three female Kurdish activists have been found dead with gunshot wounds to the head in the Kurdish Institute of Paris.

One of the women is said to be a co-founder of the militant Kurdish separatist movement, the PKK, according to the BBC.

The bodies were found in the early hours of Thursday morning. The motive for the shootings is unclear.

Yane - 11 Jan 2013 // 01:21:30


Seedy - 11 Jan 2013 // 07:49:19

Worst case of suicide I've ever heard of.... ;)

Surely there can be no connection with the nice, smiley "Please, sir, we are really European Islamists", "those Armenians never existed", "Cyprus is ours" Turks and Kurdish oppression in this day and age.....can there?